About Us


Ragland was formed when Sam Cox and Autumn Ragland combined their solo projects in 2015 after they married. They currently travel the midwest and beyond with their fiddle player Lauren Lee and their drummer Javan Long. Working with and produced by Mike McClure at Boohatch Studios in Ada, OK, Ragland is working on a new record titled "More Like a Melody" that will be released on Valentine's Day in 2020. "More Like a Melody" will have 20 new tracks, an exciting transition from their previous EP "Murphy's Law" that contained only 5. 


Since putting out their current EP "Murphy's Law" in September 2018, produced by Dave Perceful and Adam Odor of Yellow Dog Studios, Ragland has reached #35 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts with their single "Footsteps", and #59 with their current single "Love, Liquor, & a Place to Die". As well as numerous other charts such as Texas Music Charts, CDX, and Texas Music Pickers. (Spotify)

After competing in the Texas Music Pickers Songwriting Competition in College Station, TX, Autumn Ragland won 5th place.  

Most recently, they were nominated for "New Duo/Group of the Year" in the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards and will be competing for the title at next years award show. 


Sam and Autumn both grew up in small towns in Northeastern Oklahoma. They gather their inspiration for lyrics from their environment and personal experiences. 

Ragland's sound and style comes from a mixture of all the music Sam and Autumn listened to on the radio when they were kids, and from their favorite artists of today. They are fans of all genres of music and incorporate it all into the sounds they create. Autumn is the lead singer and main lyricist for the band, while Sam is the bassist and co-writer of their music. 

"Coldwave" Live Acoustic on Lakes Country 102.1

"When I'm Gone" Live at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

Latest Radio Single - "Love, Liquor and a Place to Die"